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Email Lists are no longer a service that AmericanBusinessLists provides considering the extremely low response rates recently attributed to the increase in un-solicited email or spam.

The legitimate email industry has suffered the consequences of the illegal spam that has attacked the inboxes of every email account holder, to the point that it has become extremely difficult to send email to those individuals who have "opted-in" to receive certain email from companies of their choice.

The spam filters in place to fight the illegal email has made it almost impossible for people to receive the newsletters that they opted-in to receive. For instance, if you've signed up to receive our newsletter, or the newsletter of, you may not receive their monthly newsletter if they use the word free, or spam, or $, or "click here" or other words in their email newsletter to you.

Actually, there are many, many more words and phrases that will get a legitimate email tossed in the trash or spam folder of many email accounts such as AOL and MSN and many others before the intended recipient ever sees that email.

The ISPs (internet service providers AOL, MSN etc.) actually try to protect their subscribers (you), and actually hurt you while accomplish that task.

So as you can see, if you (as a marketer), were to pay good money to execute an email campaign, most of the people on that list may never see your email because of the spam filters that your ISP has in place to protect you (their subscribers).

And last but not least, it has been documented that 65% of all email That Do reach the email recipient will be "deleted" because the recipient don't have the time available to actually read the email that they signed up to receive thanks to the huge amount of spam they have to remove first.

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