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Mortgage leads provide Mortgage Brokers with a constant flow of fresh mortgage leads to keep pace with the changing environment in which they make their loans. Using the freshest mortgage leads or the most up to date mortgage lists available can help almost any mortgage broker become a "Mortgage Superstar"! Mortgage Lists from American Business Lists .com allow mortgage brokers to target the exact homeowner profile to fit their specific mortgage marketing campaign. This can help their advertising budget to be more cost effective, and increase their mortgage marketing campaign to a higher level of success! Our Mortgage Leads or Lists can be precisely targeted and are extremely accurate. Guaranteed!

Available Selections:
  • Mortgage Leads-Internet Responders
  • Mortgage Telemarketing Leads
  • Mortgage Lists
  • Loan Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Lender Name
  • Current Market Value
  • Loan To Value
  • Loan Type (FHA, VA, CONV)
  • Adjustable Rate, Fixed Rate
    Live Credit FICO Scores, Beacon Scores
Selections by Specialty
  • Revolving Debt Balances, Installment Loan Amounts
  • Modeled Credit Scores (Conforming, Non Conforming)
  • Sub Prime Mortgages (Full Record Information)
  • Multiple Active Bank Cards
  • Number of Active Trade Lines
  • Dwelling Type (Single Family / Multi Family)
  • Other Targeted Selects Available
  • Telephone Numbers Available On 100% of Your List

Our Mortgage Telemarketing Leads Lists provide mortgage companies with the best targeted Mortgage Leads Lists for their direct mailing and telemarketing needs. We have access to thousands of mailing list products, allowing us to offer our clients more than any single list source in the industry. Our account consultants are trained to advise customers about their list options, list differences and the best choices for their target markets.

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